Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

My little accident

I complain a lot about why I never have a real holiday. Now I'm having one, thanks to a motorbike accident I got recently. Or should I call it "a bed rest"? =(

A few days ago I went dinner in a moped with a friend in a cafe with a big screen to watch Portugal and North Korea playing. I was very sad that the team I supported lose 7-0, but that's not the main story. The main story is, that the meal was ridiculously expensive that I would not go to that place again. Always watch football match at home for free and eat a cheap take-away instead! No, wait, I mean the accident. On the way home a motorbike overtook me from the right and then suddenly turned left which means, it blocked my way. I was in a normal speed, probably about 80 kmph but either I braked abruptly or tried to avoid hopelessly, the result is still the same.

This is the time when you see the flashback of your life like in a movie (perhaps "Tom and Jerry" or "Ghost" from the 90s but in black and white version). But since the accident happened quite fast, like in a few milliseconds, I didn't even get the title of the movie. In all of a sudden, I was lying on the street with sharp pain came from my right hand and knee. And a tooth on my mouth! (not to mention my immediately sexy swollen lips which had beaten those of Angelina Jolie).

Studying for a while of my wounds, I think we all should wear a proper motorbike clothing as above. I didn't hit the motorbike hard, yet I have scratches and bruises all over which get reddened and swollen. Day after day, they give me an annoying agony. This is the drawback of a motorcycle: you have no shield for your body. In other means of transport, you won't get bruises in a minor accident. Take an aeroplane for an instance.

My motorbike clothing was very much into Indonesian standard: a short T-shirt with a trouser similar to pyjamas and a pair of sandals. My helmet was not something even similar to those you see in MotoGP racing. It was actually a bonnet that looks a bit like helmet. You see, in the movie Pride and Prejudice, Keira Knightly is definitely kissable when wearing this kind of hat. This is the most possible explanation why I hit my lips first to the road when wearing this kind of helmet.

As usual when an accident happens, people will gather around to help or to watch. The same happened to me. At once, a few men helped me to stand up and everybody shouted, "Give her some tea!" Don't ask me why tea is extremely important to help a victim of motorbike accidents, but there must be an explanation. For example, because tea is a gesture of hospitality, because it has a relaxing effect, or because it's quite cheap and easier to get than mineral water or that they have no other ideas. I stood up and my friend started swearing in a language I could not understand (or did she pray?). She demanded the girl who had cut our way (she turned out to be okay) to bring us to hospital. My mouth was bleeding and although I hadn't felt the pain yet, I was startled to find out that two teeth were broken and my face was wounded.
"Do I look OK?" worried, I asked my friend.
She looked horrified for a minute, but after overcame herself and took a deep breath, she finally said,
"You're alright," suspiciously.
"What do you mean I'm alright? I asked you if my face IS okay,"
"You're fine. Your mum will still recognise you,"
I exhaled in relief.

It took a while for the girl to take us to hospital because she called her family first! I was feeling alright at that time (thanks to adrenalin and my friend's infallible confidence) so that I'd prefer to take myself to hospital with my own moped (it was okay too!) rather than to wait for any longer with my sweet ice tea. Fortunately, just before flies came over to feast on my open wounds, her family arrived. They took my moped back to my house and got us to dokter Kariadi hospital. Our colleagues at emergency room took care of us with a good laugh (OK, I did silly thing but it was still quite painful). After making sure there was no broken bones (no, broken teeth don't count. Don't ask me why), I was diagnosed with "minor injury, multiple VE" translated : "lots of iritating bruises but nothing serious to get you enough sympathy".

A friendly nurse cleaned my wounds and put some iodine. When she got to my face, I asked her,
"Can I still be a model?"
Bemused, she answered assuredly "No,"
I almost cried. "Is it that bad?"
"No, dear. You don't have the height of a model,"
Oh, thanks to remind me. I think I'll keep my job instead.

A few days later, my right hand got swollen. I couldn't hold stuffs perfectly and I suddenly became left-handed. Now I can type this whole blog entirely with my left hand. Perhaps that is something I learn from this accident!
PS. The photo was made in a laptop camera and it's a mirror image.

6 komentar:

Santoz mengatakan...

Ketawa dulu wuakakakaakakakakaka.... lha kok bisa... ya udah nanti dipermak saja mukanya ya...

Anonim mengatakan...

Kw kecelakaan?kpn?kaget aku.piye kondisimu saiki.mesti kw rak crito karo aku gara2 ak jg nembe ono musibah yo.smg cpt mari o.untung aku masih ngenali mukamu.brarti msh harus disyukuri.

BONI mengatakan...

d'habitude, je éclate de rire tout ta histoire mais je n'ai pas souris ton accident. ce n'est pas une politesse. je pense que tu dois conduire ta moto plus vigilance et je t'espére guéri vite. si tu as besoin aider, tu m'entre en contact. merci

Anonim mengatakan...

Ria, thank God you're OK! So you don't need to get suture?

Well, actually the thing I'm curious is.. How did it feel to be examined by your own colleagues? :D

Sri Riyati mengatakan...

Santosa: Untung dikau nggak bilang: di"ketok magic" aja. Dasar...mbok pura2 prihatin.
Kristina: Iya, nanti aku telpon. Soal papahmu udah beres yah? Kita belom saling apdet nih...
Boni: Ce n'est pas grave. Je vais bien. Merci pour ton sollicitude.
Vicky: it's so embarrassing. specially when you try to be a good patient, it's useless. We're definitely the most annoying patients among all! No stich. All just VE which is very uncool regarding the serious pain they bring! (you know, after passing dermis you'll feel nothing. But I scratch my skin just very superficial that the nerves are still firing. Good grief!)

jc mengatakan...

Omaigosh, Ria... how're u doing now? Still want to be a model? ;)
No, seriously, still bed rest? Those bruises looked terrible! ;(